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Update Pictures and New Purchase

Well I did promise some pictures so here they are. I’ve now demolished the original town scene. It was constructed using 6mm WBP ply for the base with Metcalfe tarmac road sheets, paving sheets and shops & houses. The problem to my eye was it just looked like too much printed card. I have saved the buildings and may use some of them or just rebuild them from scratch using balsa, plasti-card and Das air dry clay. For the revised version, I kept the same layout but the town board and formers for the three roads down to the main board level were constructed from foam board. Using paving tape, I marked out the roads (although cut strips of foam board or similar would work just as well and been cheaper). Modelling plaster was then mixed up with some grey acrylic paint added into the mixture. This was then pour onto the roadways and spread about using a wide spatula which bridged across the paving tape to give a uniform height.Town Layout

Town Layout

After drying overnight I noticed a few imperfections. These were sanded down and another skim added over any pits or depressions. Finally it was given a coat of dark grey which I will be sanding down again to enable any further unevenness to be quickly spotted and dealt with before being given a blow over with a suitable grey colour from the airbrush.

Laying the Roads

Laying the Roads

Then I shall be building up the areas where the buildings will be going and adding the pavement and kerb stones. I also fancy scribing in some drains and manhole covers and painting them black.

So today I popped out to Buffers to get some more plastic paving sheets but ending up succumbing to this little set which has been catching my eye in the second hand section for the last couple of months. A Graham Farish SR EMU. I’ve got to fit a couple of 6 pin chips and fancy trying a sound chip install to complement the interior lighting. It may not be exactly what I was going to run on this board but I’ll just call in an investment for when the main town terminus board is built. All good fun.

Graham Farish SR 4CEP 4 Car EMU

Graham Farish SR 4CEP 4 Car EMU

Graham Farish SR 4CEP 4 Car EMU

Graham Farish SR 4CEP 4 Car EMU

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