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Track down

Track down

Progress to date – both outer loops laid and tested and everything seems to be running ok. I’m using Gaugemaster’s (Noch’s) ballast underlay which is a doodle to use and makes running so much quieter. You’re not meant to use it as it is for points but I’ve manage to get it looking, and more importantly working, okay but it does take some adjusting as due to the sleeper configuration, they don’t sit in the precut sleeper grooves and if you are not careful you can end up with lumpy points.  Anyhow, bar some fettling to make good a few areas with traditional ballasting, I think I’m there or thereabouts. It will need some weathering methinks and I shall have to get the airbrush out and have a session to blend both it and the track in but I’m quite happy with it thus far.I did have to move the crossover points from the station throat to the back of the board due to board size constraints but they will get moved back when I am able to get going on the right hand board sometime after the house move (whenever that turns out to be).I also made a start on the sidings. I did have a last minute change of configuration here but as I ran out of underlay, I couldn’t finish them so I’ll have to wait before I can test this new arrangement. Basically, and going clockwise, as you pass into the sidings you have a bay platform on the left, then two goods sidings, the nearest one to the station with a goods shed, then a service siding which will house staithes, water tower etc, at the end of the siding line, a y point into a twin road loco shed, to the right of which is a private siding to the industry (a brewery and either a dairy or something similar) and finally on the right, back near the main track, a headshunt which will probably be lengthened a bit. I hope that makes sense. Any feedback on this arrangement is welcomed. (I realise it may not be prototypical but as long as its workable and looks good I’ll be happy with it).

Both outer loops laid and sidinds started.

Both outer loops laid and sidings started.

I’m hoping to get some more underlay at a collectors fair at Kempton on Sunday to enable me to finish this bout of tracklaying. Other upcoming jobs include getting the wood to create the backboard and frame for the raised town section, starting the enbankment along the back, making a LOT of trees  and starting on creating the platforms. Plus I might even get some piccies of some locos sorted for you good people.

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