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Track Bedded Down

I have made a decision based upon the size of the board and my wanting it to look reasonably realistic and not have to resort to using Set Track, to just have a plain oval with one siding, very much akin to Kelmscott & Langford on the Fairford branch which was my original inspiration for the layout.

Due to the nature of construction of this board, e.g. Sundeala, I wanted to use cork to create a track bed and stop the water/PVA ballasting mix just soaking straight into the board. The challenge was how to get the cork cut to exactly the pattern of the track. To get around this I firstly laid a sheet of lining wallpaper over the board before trimming it to size.

Lining paper on Sundeala

Lining paper on Sundeala

Then I pinned out the track using drawing pins until I was happy with the layout.

Test fitting track

Test fitting track

Then I drew around the track allowing for the extra width of the cork before cutting the track template out.

Template for trackwork

Template for track work

This handily left the template for inside of the track which I plan on using shortly, but more of that later. Next I used the track template to cut the cork which was then stuck down with Bostik Contact Adhesive.

Cork Track Bed Glued Down

Cork Track Bed Glued Down

I will be setting the platforms on cork too to ensure they are the correct height.

Next job will be to fix the track back down, wire it up and test run a variety of locos and rolling stock.

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